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Our products:

Osypka (Germany)

- EP Catheters for Ablation (Irrigated / Not irrigated; y Gold Tip / Platinum Iridium)

- Diagnostic EP Catheters with Deflectable Curve

- Diagnostic EP Catheters with Fixed Curve

- Radiofrequency Generator for Ablation

- Infusion Pump for Ablation with Irrigated Catheters


Pacetronix (India)

- Pacemakers: Unicameral, bicameral and resynchronization

- Implantable electrodes for Pacemakers

- Temporary Pacemakers

- Temporary Electrodes for External Pacemakers



Fiab (Italy)

- Diagnostic EP Catheters with Deflectable Curve

- Electrodes for ECG and Defibrillators

- External Pacemakers, Estimuladores Cardiacos and esophageal

- Esophageal Catheters

- Introducers (with or without homeostasis valve)


Cardioline (Italy)

- Electrocardiographs

- Holter


- Stress Tests and Ergo meter Belts (alone)

- External Defibrillators (with or without AED)

- ECGs with no paper, for long distance transmission of Data

- Monitor for TELEMETRIA, CONTINUOUS MONITORING AND REHABILITATION, to build a completely wireless patient monitoring system, in and out of the hospital.

- Monitoring of TELEMEDICINA, for a complete storage of images and transmission of Data system between institutions



Edan (China – with approval of the FDA from EEUU)

- Electrocardiographs

- Pulse Oximeters

- Fetal Monitors

- Fetal Heartbeat Detectors

- Capnographs

- Dopplers

- Ecographs

- Multiparameter monitors with Central Monitoring


Osatu / Bexencardio (Spain)

- External Defibrilator (with and without AED)


Futuremed (EEUU)

- Spiro meters


Omega Medical (EEUU)

- Images and Fluoroscopy systems for operation rooms


Full Vision (EEUU)

- Rehabilitation ergo meter belts


QRS Diagnostics (EEUU)

- Cards and Sensors to turn a Laptop unto an Electrocardiograph, Spiro meter, and Pulse Oxi meter; keeping all information in a portable memory


Siare (Italy)

-Volumetric Fans
-Anesthesia Machines